Chevromist Kennels Shares The Joys Of Puppy Adoption

The joys of adopting a puppyFor a lot of people, their reliable and constant companion is not necessarily a husband, wife, or a sibling — rather, it’s a devoted, furry little creature. When it comes to unconditional love, pets can definitely beat out humans; they do not judge you, nor do they complain if at times you’re too busy to spend time with them (they surely feel bad, but they understand that there are more important things you need to take care of).

If you want this type of life companion, a puppy is the perfect choice. Why a puppy, and not an adult? Well, adult dogs are also great but sometimes, they’re already set in their ways (just like adult humans), and it’s tougher to establish a relationship with them especially if they had previous owners that developed some unfavourable habits in them. But if you adopt a puppy, you can take full responsibility of his character and habit formation to better secure your relationship. Likewise, you are better informed about his health requirements, so you can actually take care of him really well.

So aside from having a loyal companion, what are the other joys of adopting a puppy? According to Chevromist Kennels, the list can go on and on, but the best ones are listed below.

•    You can rely on him for physical comfort. Puppies are natural “snugglers” — they like to be hugged, scratched and have their bellies rubbed. So when you’re feeling cold and blue, a cuddle session with your pup will restore the warmth in your heart… and body.
•    The pup will always make your return from anywhere a reason for celebration. Cute barking, nuzzling, incessant wagging of the tail, kissing, and smiles that won’t go away – all these will remind you are loved and special.
•    If you have a lot of love and friendship to share, and no human to give them to you quite as unconditionally as a dog will. You can direct this love and friendship to your pup and have your feelings reciprocated tenfold.
•    The breeders at Chevromist claim that you’ll get some much needed exercise with your canine companion. He will want to be walked and you can count on it that he will not be satisfied with just walking forever – eventually, he’ll have you running and breaking a sweat. He’ll demand other games when he gets tired of all that running and walking. You have a loving companion that doubles as a workout buddy that knows how to mix things up.
•    Your dog can help you socially. Studies reveal that dogs are social catalysts; they prompt people to go out more, and for some reason, dog owners always attract a lot of attention, which can be the start of new relationships.

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