Chevromist Offers A Checklist To Use When Buying Puppies

Checklist To Use When Buying PuppiesBy: Athena Jones – researched from

Who wouldn’t want a puppy? Even the kid with the pet dander allergy wants a puppy. No human being can possibly resist a cute, cuddly, innocent little face that’s looking up and wants to be taken home. A puppy’s face is enough to thwart any evil — that may be an exaggeration, but the point is that a young dog is too darn adorable to not get. So chances are that you will eventually buy one.

When you do, you’re going to need to base your decision off some criteria. Chevromist, professional breeders based in Melbourne, say that a checklist would be helpful to ensure that you are buying a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. Chevromist’s breeds include purebred dogs and designer breed dogs. Among them are the Miniature Dachshunds, Japanese Spitz, Cavalier King Charles, Golden Retrievers, Cavoodles (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodle), Pugaliers (Pug and Cavalier King Charles), Groodles(Golden Retriever and Poodle), and Labradoodles (Labrador Retriever and Poodle), just to name a few.

The Melbourne-based breeder offers this checklist of things to consider when you are buying a pup.

Has the pup been vaccinated against diseases? You want to be sure that your cute little Puggle or charming Japanese Spitz is not going to get sick with distemper, hepatitis, or canine parvovirus. Once your pup gets infected with any of the mentioned diseases, it could prove to be very devastating for your little pet and pretty costly for you. So save yourself the anxiety and make sure your puppy has been vaccinated.

Vet Checked Equals Health Checked
A licensed veterinarian will, naturally, have checked a pup that has received vaccinations. The check-up will assess the puppy’s condition and whether you, as the future owner, will need to do other things to keep the pup healthy and happy or not. Maybe your adopted Beagle or Shih-poo needs a special diet. Whatever your puppy needs, your vet will help you determine it.

Puppies can be active little buggers. When you’re not looking and if you’ve got a pretty flimsy gate, your puppy could explore the outdoors and get lost. A microchip that contains his information (i.e., his name and unique code, which corresponds to a national database that bears your address and contact details) will reunite you with your lost puppy.

Chevromist Kennels further encourages those who are buying or adopting puppies to make sure the pup has been wormed. You should also enquire how the breeder intends to deliver your purchased pup and what it will cost you, if you require delivery. And lastly, get proper care information from the breeder so you are assured that you are dealing with a reputable breeder who cares about the ongoing welfare of your puppy.

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